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About us.

SCW Solutions was founded and is still based on a few irreplaceable traits: reliability, professionalism and invaluable experience in the building industry. We are a relatively young company, but we’ve already demonstrated our abilities and professional approach to achieve all established goals. We’ve also managed to find young but experienced specialists to perform great services for our clients, thus making a new level of management possible and developing full packets of services for our customers. Our slogan is safety, reliability, quality and improvement.

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    Since the day SCW Solutions has been founded, we’ve become participants in a great number of building projects that vary in size and budget. That has allowed us to improve greatly and led us to a new level of quality. Each year we expand our portfolio and it successfully helps us to share the company image, attract new interested customers and grow as a company. We’ve already established reliable partnerships that trust us with their new projects and are happy with the service we provide.
    Individual approach to every customer, being flexible and thorough about the details - these are characteristics that help SCW Solutions stand out from the rest of the companies in the building industry. We work hard every day to be better than yesterday.



Our services.


Dry lining


Ceiling fixing


Glass Partition




Sfs work


Finishing (tape and jointing)




Carpentry work




Fire stopping


Joinery work


Introduction of the projects.

Here’s the portfolio of SCW Solutions finished projects. They can become an illustration for what you want to see in your future project or be a demonstration of our abilities. Take a look: your project can be the next. Welcome to SCW Solutions.


Our partners.



Project creation process.


1. Establishing customer’s needs

Every little detail is important, so we do our best to communicate thoroughly and define exactly what you need. Before we make a final technical plan for the job, we’ll find out everything there is to know about your vision of the project and how you want it to turn out. This is where we need to know as much as possible about the size and budget of your project. Then we offer our take on the things with all your wishes considered and taken into account. When we reach an agreement and you are happy with the decision, a technical plan is done to fulfill the request. After your approval it is given to work


2. Preparation for the project

Now that we know what is needed, we start planning: all purchasing, logistics and workforce that’s required to do the job quickly, in a timely manner, efficiently and without any complications. We’ll be able to take all of this off your shoulders and bring the picture you have in mind to life


3. Implementation

After managing everything there is to get the project going, we begin to work. All our specialists are professionals that take their job seriously and responsibly so you won’t be let down with the quality, assertiveness and quick responses from them. We’ll do the job in the terms that you require and will be flexible in the process to add any changes or newfound wishes if you have any


4. Check-ups

Of course, we’d like to hear from you as we go, so it makes sense for you to be aware of what we do and either approve or let us know about the changes that we need to execute. We’ll make a schedule of milestones for you to control and after each one is done, you are welcome to take a look and let us know your thoughts about the job ready and how it fits the budget


5. Finalization of the project

When all the jobs are finished, you have made your final verdict and approved what has been made, we finalize the project: do all assessments again to make sure everything is how it is supposed to be, make it look presentable and ready for you to use. Take into consideration that all the changes implemented in the process will influence the final budget, so it’s something to look out for attentively



Most asked questions.

  • If I don’t like the technical plan you’ve come up with, can I change it?

    Certainly. We won’t do anything without your consent and always take into consideration your wishes to create a sensible plan for all jobs and a comfortable relationship between us.

  • Will I be able to review your work process and how often can I see the site?

    Yes, you can (and should) control the process to make sure it fits your expectations in terms of time, budget and goals. We will discuss the schedule for your visits so that they are useful, comfortable for you and aren’t interfering with any processes.

  • What if you make the changes to the project without notifying me?

    SCW Solutions is oriented on fulfilling customer’s wishes, so we will never exceed our authority and change things without your permission first.

  • I implement changes to the project and they precede my final budget. How do we go from there?

    We are able to switch materials and the required parts of the plan to cut the costs in one area to compensate for what you need to change. That won’t affect the overall quality of the project in the slightest.

  • What if you don’t finish the job in the required time?

    SCW Solutions takes full responsibility for the time management on the project. We do our best to not let this happen: we plan things in advance, work fast and our specialists know what they’re doing.



SCW Solutions was very attentive to our wishes, they considered everything we wanted to see and created a truly inspiring building. They are ready to give advice on topics that you are not a specialist in and it is a great customer experience. Delightful.

October 21, 2021

Dr. Sam White

Surgeon at St. Laurence Child Clinic

We have partnered with SCW Solutions for a couple of years now and they haven’t disappointed us in any of the projects that we worked on. Great service, professional approach and impressive result - that’s shortly on SCW Solutions.

August 28, 2021

Victor Manner

Recruiter at JobsDone

Very grateful to SCW Solutions for the realisation of my vision in a short period of time and great quality. It is worth your time to partner with these people! They are responsible, reliable and very organised. I don’t regret turning to SCW Solutions.

July 3, 2021

Mary Sanders

Creative Director of MindSet

Very grateful to SCW Solutions for the realisation of my vision in a short period of time and great quality. It is worth your time to partner with these people! They are ready to give advice on topics that you are not a specialist in and it is a great customer experience.

July 7, 2021

John Sanders

CEO of MindSet

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